Glow Intention Candle

Intention: Glow

Our Glow Intention Candle is created for use at home, in mediation and in yoga practice.

Why 'Glow'?

We believe to 'glow' is to shine your light, to choose the best for yourself, and to honour yourself. When you burn this Glow Aromatherapy Treatment candle, the essential oils are released and work together to uplift you, inspire you and create a subtle and delicate lift in your energy. 

Why Sweet Orange and Wild Clove?

Sweet Orange is often called the oil of abundance, reminding you to open your arms and accept ALL the goodness life is offering. This oil's bright, uplifting scent can help to unblock all aspects of life where the 'i'm not beautiful, clever or good enough' thoughts are preventing us from 'glowing'. 

Why Wild Clove?

Wild Clove encourages your throat chakra to strengthen and heal, helping you to care less about judgements, encouraging you to create healthy boundaries and honour who you really are. 


Chakra: Throat, solar plexus and sacral chakra.

Scent: Sweet, fruity undertones with a subtle, spicy kick of wild clove. 


Our raw, organic,100% natural Intention candles:

Fill your room with a therapeutic, natural and beautiful scent

Are made with essential oils and a 100% natural base including Coconut Oil, Beeswax and a natural cotton wick.

Contain a massive concentration of essential oils (8%)

Contains Beeswax which reduces indoor pollutants and purifies the air.

Burns cleanly and evenly without releasing any toxins (due to 100% natural formula)

Are hand poured, vegetarian and are not tested on animals.

Contain no chemical fragrance, filler, or scent booster.

Burn for 30 hours +

NB: Please burn for minimum of 2 hours on first use. This a helps avoid tunneling and ensures full clean burn to the end of the candle.

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