Palo Santo Yoga Mat Cleansing Mist

Intention: Space Clearing

Our Palo Santo Yoga Mat Cleansing Mist is a sacred spray created to cleanse, purify and raise the vibration.

Use to spritz your yoga mat, space or aura any time you feel the atmosphere needs clearing.

Perfect for those times where lighting a Palo Santo stick is not possible.

'May we let go and welcome in the new'.

Your Ritual

Shake to activate. Lightly mist your body, room and mat; Namaste,’


Spring Water (infused with Clear Quartz), Natural Sugar Cane Solubiliser, Palo Santo, Cedarwood, Pink Himalayan Salt.

100ml spray bottle with a 'you are luminous' affirmation card tucked into a cute portable drawstring gift bag.

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