Flower Perfume

Intention: Blossom

Flower Perfume is an uplifting, beautiful, floral blend of rose, mimosa, ylang ylang and more.

Our perfume is created from only pure plant and flower extracts, to offer a wild and exiting natural alternative to commercial fragrance.

We believe in the power and beauty of perfumery and have created what we believe to be a magical, sophisticated and therapeutic perfume.

Our perfume is mindfully packaged in a cute portable drawstring bag. Apply often throughout your day to create a delicate and beautiful lift in your energy every time.

 ‘May you feel reminded of your beauty, connected to your Goddess and free to blossom.’

Mimosa flowers are used traditionally to welcome the return of the Goddess. This perfume honours such tradition.


10 ml glass bottle with roller ball application, chrome lid in drawstring bag.

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