Chakra Anointing Oil Collection

Root and Flower Chakra Anointing Oil Set is a collection of seven unique essential oil blends. Each blend interacts with and supports the stored emotions of a specific chakra centre to help activate and awaken the information stored within.

They can also be worn as a beautiful unique scent to improve your energy and overall feeling of wellbeing.

The oils can be used for personal development, or by yoga teachers, healing practitioners, massage therapists or anyone wanting to go deeper into opening up and balancing the chakra system.

If you would like to understand and explore personal chakra development in greater depth, we would highly recommend the ‘Return to the Goddess’ meditation retreats developed and compassionately delivered by the beautiful Helen Johnson (

The enlightening book ‘Anatomy of the Spirit’ by Caroline Myss is another fantastic gateway to deeper understanding of the Chakra system.

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